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        廠房  寧波桑尼電子有限公司創建于 1989 年,是一家與中科院電子學研究所、日本嘉臻工業株式會社合作,集科研、生產、營銷于一體,質量體系通過 ISO9000 認證的 PTC 元器件專業生產企業,公司除擁有先進的生產、 檢測、試驗設備和生產工藝外,并具有 PTC 材料二次研發、設計、生產和配套能力。

          寧波桑尼電子有限公司注冊資本 8000 萬元人民幣,坐落于寧波國家高新技術產業開發區,占地 30 畝, 建筑面積 30000 平方米。其生產的 PTC 電熱元件、恒溫加熱器、液體加熱器、風扇型發熱器等產品已應用于 C919 飛機、動車、家電、機電、汽車、半導體電鍋爐等領域,配套于航達、日立、三菱、松下、象印等國內外知名企業。并獲 100 余項發明、實用新型和外觀專利。

          寧波桑尼電子有限公司為 QB/T2164-2013 風扇型 PTC 發熱器國家標準起草組長單位、浙江省高新技術企業,其 PTC 項目為國家火炬計劃項目。為保障顧客在市場競爭中的優勢,公司所生產的系列 PTC 元器件均嚴格執行相關國際標準、國家標準和行業標準,并以同儕之冠之產品與顧客攜手共創未來。


        Ningbo Sangni Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1989 as the PTC components manufacturer with the combination of scientific research, production and marketing, and has passed the ISO9000 Quality Management System Certification. Cooperating with the Institute of Electrics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Kashing Industrial Co., Ltd.(JP), Ningbo Sangni Electronics Co., Ltd. in addition to advanced production, testing, testing equipment and production technology, and boasts the capacity of PTC materials secondary R&D, design and production.

        With the registered capital reaching RMB80 million, locating in Nibgbo National Hi-Tech Development Zone, the company occupies an area of 5acre with the floor area reaching 30,000m2 . The products of the company such as PTC electric heating components, constant temperature heater, liquid heater and fan type heater are widely applied for C919 aircraft, motor cars, home appliances, electromechanical, automobile, semiconductor electric cooker and other fields, and is adopted by the domestic and foreign famous enterprises including Hangda, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Zojirushi. Additionally, the company has awarded over 100 national patents in invention, utility model and design.

        Ningbo Sangni Electronics Co., Ltd. is the drafter of national and professional standard QB/T2164-2013 Fan Type PTC Heater, and the Zhejiang Province Hi-Tech Enterprise, the PTC project of the company is listed in the China Torch Program. In order to quarantee the advantages of clients in the market competition, the series of PTC components produced by the company strictly follow related international, national and professional standards. Ningbo Sangni Electronics Co., Ltd. is creating a brighter future with clients due to outstanding products.

        關鍵詞: 半導體電鍋爐加熱器 PTC電動汽車加熱器 熱水系統加熱器 加熱管